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Here's a synopsis of my web site…..

Soccer 'n' Such - This page is dedicated to my very own soccer team, Woodlands Sunday Boys FC. It started in early 1993 when I took some of my students in the neighbourhood for a Sunday morning jog at Woodlands Stadium, Singapore. Some boys suggested that we form a real soccer team & I be their coach. So that was how WSBFC was born….This page also includes team photos, programme for the year and how you and/or your sons/brothers can join us. I will also do a write-up of some soccer-related matters.

The Friendship Cup Photo Galleries -  This web page is dedicated to The Friendship Cup - Junior 7-A-Side Soccer Tournament, organised by me annually since 1996 for Marsiling Residents' Committee Zone 7 (Singapore). Click here for more info on the tournament. 

This page and subsequent pages are made up primarily of photo galleries and some information on the tournament. Feel free to browse and if you or someone you know is in any of the photos, well, you could point your cursor on the photo, right click and save it to disk. Happy surfing!!!

Junior Invitational Soccer 2002 -  Annual Tournament for Under 10s & Under 12s was organised by me for the second year running - on behalf of Fuchun Community Centre Malay Activity Executive Committee - at East Coast Park, Singapore, on 3 November 2002.

Tournament for children of such young age is indeed rare in Singapore. To me organising the event for these kids was most satisfying experience especially observing their energy, enthusiasm and the gratitude in their eyes.

The 13 teams participating in this year's tournament.

Click Junior Invitational Soccer 2001  for photos for last year's tournament photos.

Trengganu-Cherating Tour - On 9 to 12 June 2000, I organised a tour to Trengganu and Cherating, on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The tour was organised under the Fuchun Community Centre Malay Activity Executive Committee, Marsiling, Singapore. It was a fun-filled event for everyone especially the kids during the June School Holidays. Click Here to view the Photo Gallery of the Tour, tour info & itinerary.       

Goodwill Tour
Two pages of photo highlights of Goodwill Tour to Tanjung Pinang, Bintan, Indonesia earlier this year (1999). We visited Miftahul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Muhamadiyah Orphanage and Pulau Penyengat, the former seat of the Malay-Riau Kingdom.

Memories - Contains recent photos and those of years gone by. Browse and see if you're in the photos. If you are, please contact me and re-introduce yourselves. I really like to contact old friends whom I have lost contact with.

Educating the Young - I am focussing mostly on matters on the educator and education - which I am passionately involved in. I shall indulge in discussions on educating the young with particular emphasis on tuition and tutoring in the Singapore context.

Issues of the Day - This page discusses important issues of the day based on my honest impressions of events which have taken place, or are still taking place in various parts of the world. It's written in the spirit of free speech and myself as a citizen of the world and my concern for the present state of the world as I see it. Done with no malice aforethought.

My Bookmarks - You are linked from this page to sites worth visiting (my opinion). The categories include News & Current Affairs, Great Soccer Sites and Assorted Sites. If you have any particular site you'd like me to add to my favourites, e-mail me and give me the address. Let me visit the site myself, review it and perhaps add it on to this page.

Spare a Thought - If there is any altruistic purpose for this site, this is it. In this page, I review some charitable organisations that I think you should support. Hey! Come on, let's help the less fortunate help themselves. You could start by sending some loose change (or the not-so-loose ones) to these organisations to realise their programmes for the benefits of the less fortunate among us.

Food for Laughter - Entertain yourselves with some good laughs with jokes and anecdotes. I also include riddles to tickle your little toes.

Archive - Contains everything that you've missed since I last updated this site. I'll keep them for a while longer before I totally delete them permanently off the web.

Special Events - I am using this page to promote special events in my calendar of activities. You are welcomed to participate in them.

Truly Me - A tiny-winy bit about me. If you'd like to know, that is.

Euro Tour '99: Photo Gallery 1, Photo Gallery 2 & Friends of EuroTour

England Tour '99Photo Gallery

Biba and I were on a 23-day tour of 8 countries of Europe and England from June 4 to June 26 1999. I've posted some photos of the finer moments of tour and the wonderful company we had.

Well, there you have them……..15 Good Reasons Why This Site Should Remain In Cyberspace !!!


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