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It started in early 1993 when I took some students on our weekly Sunday morning jog at Singapore's Woodlands Stadium. The session usually ended with a short game of soccer. Some boys suggested that we form a 'real' team and take part in tournaments, and that I be their coach. So WSBFC was born…….

We've played so many matches and have taken part in numerous tournaments since then. We even went on tour of Malaysia recently. We're not a championship-winning team yet, but we train hard and truly enjoy our game. It's a great joy coaching these youngsters and it provides me with an opportunity to inculcate some important human values on them. Their enthusiasm playing  the game and the deference towards me as their teacher and coach have never ceased to warm my heart. It gives me tremendous pleasure to think that I have touched their lives in some positive way……

Yahya Hamid

Manager & Coach 



WSBFC training hard & enjoying themselves Stretch it, boys!! Runners-up of Pioneer U12 11-A-Side Soccer Tournament 2003

WSBFC Under 12s posing before 

Junior Soccer Friendlies 2002

WSBFC Under 12s posing before 

friendly match with Bedok Rovers FC

WSBFC Under 15s posing before 

friendly match with Bedok Rovers FC

WSBFC Under 14s posing before 

an ESE League match

WSBFC 2002 WSBFC 2000

U14 Winners of The Friendship Cup 2000

U12 Runners-up

The Friendship Cup 2000

WSBFC U12 in 2000
WSBFC U14 in 2000 WSBFC 1999 WSBFC U16 in 1998
WSBFC 1998 WSBFC U16 in 1998 WSBFC U12 in 1998

WSBFC & Malacca FA Soccer Academy 1998 WSBFC Malacca Tour 1998  

Programme for Year 2006 - 2007

  • Regular training every Sunday morning conducted by qualified coach
  • Regular friendly matches in and outside of Woodlands, Singapore 
  • Participation in tournaments outside Woodlands 
  • Co-organising and participating in The Friendship Cup 2006 in November - More Details Coming Your Way!!

Come Join Us !! 

Day: Every Sunday Morning 

Time: 8 am to 12 pm

Location: Woodlands Street 32, Singapore or Click Here for location info 

Age Groups: Under 12, Under 14, Under 16  & Under 18

By bus and/or MRT: Take feeder bus service No: 912 at Berth 12 

from Woodlands Bus Interchange at the basement of Woodlands MRT Station

By the Way…….

If you and/or  your sons/brothers would like to join us e-mail me, Yahya Hamid, at:  yahyahamid@yahoo.com


Alternatively, you could drop by, with your soccer kits and attire, during our regular training session.


Are you game for a game? Let's have a friendly match!! E-mail me, Yahya Hamid, at:  yahyahamid@yahoo.com