RI Class of 70 - 75





This is it guys & gals. I finally found the class photos of RI Sec. 1G, 2G and 4 Arts - the classes I was in - from very old, dusty photo albums at my Mum's. 

And guess what? I've just got the class photos of Pre-U 1 & 2 Arts A finally published here. (18 March 2005)

And.....one more photo....the 'C' Division Semi-Final Football Match against St. Patrick played way back in early 1971 (Wow!! Sounds like a century ago).  This one's taken off The Straits Times and of course, yours truly is in it as the goalkeeper, that is.

Well, OK ,we didn't win but we sure played just as well. And I don't think you can blame me. It was a good goal, you see. Even Gordon Banks (remember him?) couldn't have saved that one. 

Click Here for The Straits Times photo of the match.

You'll find the links of the class photos below, but hear me out first.

If you were in any or all of those classes, here's the chance to tell your kids and dearly beloved wives how good-looking you were in your younger days, not too long ago - only about 30 years ago or so, that is. Man, it's sure been a long time.

Not that we're old or getting to be old, but at this age I guess we get a little nostalgic on the days gone by.

I do not have the photo of other classes or the soccer teams or what have you. But if you do have them, scan and e-mail to me and I'll put them up on this website. If a scanner is not available to you, send the photos by snail mail. But first e-mail me for my address.

Don't worry about cost, I own this website and the domain name, doing on-line tuition agency business. And besides I'm a web designer myself.

Let's just say it's my modest contribution to the fond memories of our yesteryears together.

Okay guys, I've written enough already. See ya at the next drink session!! Luckily, we have our leading man Randhir to arrange these things. Otherwise, we'll have to wait, what, every 5 years for the reunion before we could meet. By then we're be all gray-haired and even bald or balding.

Have a good look at the photos and enjoy!


Yahya Hamid

5 April 2001



P.S. Don't forget to right click on the photos to save them onto your hard disk. And please help me identify you guys. 

Yahya aged 13

Photo from RI Class Sec. 1G (1970)

Click Here for class photo of Sec. 1G (1970)

Click Here for class photo of Sec. 2G (1971)

Click Here for class photo of Sec. 4 Arts (1973)

Click Here for class photo of Pre-U 1 Arts A (1974)

Click Here for class photo of Pre-U 2 Arts A (1975)


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