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CNN Interactive: By the hour, on the hour news coverage. The best there is.

CNN Interactive World Regions Asia Pacific: Up-to-date news on Asia-Pacific

Straits Times Interactive: Miss the morning papers ? Check this out.

Official Anwar On Line Resources: If you like alternative views on Malaysian ex-Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's case, visit this site & its links. Otherwise, stick to Dr. M's version. The choice is yours.

Great Soccer Sites

SoccerNet: The best soccer network I can find in the web : SoccerNet Homepage. : English League : Liverpool : Man U : Euro Soccer

Tony's Soccer Update: One-man operation but very up-to-date with results, League tables & archives of previous games. Focussed on Italian and English Leagues. Also, on UEFA championships and links to other soccer sites.

Colorado Soccer Net Forum: 'This site is intended for the soccer player, coach, referee, fan, volunteer, etc. to communicate with each other in a public conversation which all readers can use to be more effective in their area of soccer interest.' Very useful site for soccer enthusiasts.

Complete Soccer Academy: 'We build character on & off the field.' So they claim. 'CSA is an educational institution committed to the growth of soccer in the United States. With sixty years of experience, player development is our primary concern.' Surely, they're worth a visit.

Football - Soccer: Comprehensive list of Football WWW pages in the world.

Soccer Clinics: 'This site is designed to help
you with a variety of coaching topics such as drills for skills, understanding tactics, nutrition, soccer news and much much more. Our goal is to help players, coaches, parents, fans and administrators at all levels of ability, age and gender.' Another useful site for soccer enthusiasts.

Assorted Sites

Singnet Homepage: My ISP's Homepage. Need to know more of Singapore ?  Visit this site & you'll be linked to others on Singapore.

Yahoo! My favourite search engine. Get yourself some free stuffs. You could also contact me at:

University of Sheffield: Where I am currently working on my M.Ed degree by distance learning.

University of Sheffield - Dept. of Educational Studies.

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