Indonesian Language for Adults


Elementary Level




Course Outline:


·         Introducing Indonesian Language / Bahasa Indonesia

Memperkenalkan Bahasa Indonesia


1. Phonics in Indonesian & Numbers 

   Foniks Bahasa Indonesia & Nomor


2. Greetings & Taking Leave

    Menyapa / Memberi Salam & Memohon Diri (Pamitan)


3. Getting to Know You & Your Family

    Berkenalan Dengan Anda Dan Keluarga Anda


4. Time, Days & Dates

    Waktu, Hari & Tanggal


5. Occupation



6. On the Telephone

    Perbicaraan Di Telefon


7. In the Office

    Di Kantor


8. Shopping




Matters To Be Taught/Explained Simultaneously, Whenever Necessary:


  • Bahasa Indonesia Grammar
  • Indonesian Culture, Customs & Values
  • Differences Between Bahasa Melayu & Bahasa Indonesia




Yahya Hamid, PBM, M.Ed

Course Instructor


Registered Trainer with

People’s Association

& Prime Minister's Office